On Tuesday February 12, 2013 (which ironically was 5 years to the day for my first ACL surgery) I injured my right knee for the 3rd time. The first time was December 28, 2007 when I was playing in a flag football league. I took an end around pitch to the goal line where the safety was crouched down waiting to step up and pull my flag. I made a right foot plant with the intention of going left when I heard (and according to everyone else around so did they) a popping sound. It was the kind of sound you would hear when you took the lid off a jelly jar for the first time. I knew something was immediately wrong and I instantly couldn’t bend or put any pressure on my knee.

The 2nd time — well it’s a much better story. The date? March 19, 2010 it was 2 years after my ACL surgery and I was feeling real good about my knee. I had been playing pick-up basketball, running on the treadmill, and generally feeling like my old self again. My wife decided that we would take her mom, her moms boyfriend, and her younger brother to Seven Springs mountain resort for some tubing and skiing. I am not a very good skier to begin with so I wasn’t that excited, but like I said I was feeling confident. I however, didn’t realize that her mom had never been skiing before and we would spend the majority of the day teaching her, watching her go a few feet, fall, go a few feet more, and then fall again (can’t blame her I think I was the same way starting out) I was getting a little antsy. While sitting at the cafeteria my mother in laws boyfriend (who I could tell was getting a little antsy as well) announced he was going to take a run down the hill on his own. Without hesitation I announced I was going with him. My wife, her mom, and her brother all declined to attend. A little back story about the day — It was the end of March and was unseasonably warm. A lot of the slopes were closed due to having no snow, and some of the slopes that remained open had giant ice spots where the snow was packed down pretty good. As I stood at the top of the hill I felt very confident about how my knee had held up going at a snails pace all day. I swiped and took off down the hill still feeling very good about myself. I started to pick up more and more speed just has I hit a bend that shot me out into the main slope of the hill I hit a patch of ice (as I flew passed the ice spot a sign read *Danger Slow Down*) I started to “Pizza” as that is how I was taught to slow down, but I was going so fast that my ski’s crossed and as I went full speed head over heels my ski stuck into the ground and I heard a snapping sound. When I finally tumbled to a stop I knew I had blown out my knee again. The good part? I skied down the rest of the hill torn ACL and all. I still to this day wish I had video of this tremendous fall.

That leads me to my current situation. I joined a badass fitness/strength class called Fit 2 Fight. I believe it was the start of week 3 for me and I was really starting to get the hang/technique of it. We had just finished a conditioning circuit when we started another conditioning drill. The objective was to line up on each side of the room in a straight line and run down the line jabbing several swinging punching bags. As I ran through the first time my knee gave out a little (which has happened several times over the past few years) it didn’t hurt or anything so I kept going. The next couple times through were okay, until I got to the last bag and had to swing around to run back to the end of the line and my knee completely gave out and locked up.

Turns out after visiting the doctor a few days later I have a “Bucket Handle” Medial Meniscus tear which basically means my meniscus tore in half and flipped over underneath my joint. That means a lot of pain and not a lot of moving of the joint.

It’s called a Bucket Handle tear because the torn part of the meniscus flips over like a bucket handle.

The surgeon believes he will be able to repair although meniscus surgery is tough because there is limited blood supply to the meniscus so sometimes repairs are not possible. The MRI doesn’t show a problem with the ACL but he won’t know for certain until he is in there. (Although he seemed pretty hell bent on re-do’ing my ACL revision) So as I prepare myself for my 3rd knee surgery the reality of my boredom for the next 6-8 weeks is starting to set in.

We’ll see how far I get and how serious I take this blog, but hopefully I am able to continue it as so many other blogs have helped me make it through my previous surgeries. I’d like to pay it forward for someone else and kill at least an hour of boredom a day. 😉


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